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Global reflation to triumph over deflation

Michael Grady - 25 SEP 2016

The threat of deflation that has loomed large over the global economy in recent years is finally starting to lift as the US recovery and accommodative monetary and fiscal policies take effect, writes Michael Grady


Christmas marooned: the demise of Hanjin Shipping

Ed Wiltshire - 22 SEP 2016

The bankruptcy of Korea’s largest shipping company could make it a difficult festive season for the country’s export giants, writes Ed Wiltshire.


Beware the crowded yield trade

- 22 SEP 2016

In the second of a two-part series exploring the flight to safety versus the quest for yield in fixed income, we look at how fund managers are scouring riskier parts of the bond market for returns.


Could politics and energy concerns derail the high-yield rally?

Kevin Mathews - 16 SEP 2016

Despite a number of defaults by energy issuers and fears over the forthcoming election, US high-yield continues to offer more compelling opportunities than the European market, argues Kevin Mathews.


Macro clouds hang over Asia-Pacific real estate market

Sandip Bhalsod - 14 SEP 2016

Macroeconomic factors – including slowing Chinese growth and expectations of rising rates in the US – are weighing on Asia-Pacific real estate, although Australia and Japan offer value in the near term, writes Sandip Bhalsod.


Party may be nearing its end but all is not lost for bond investors

James McAlevey - 12 SEP 2016

While government debt may continue to be a core holding, bond investors need to get creative in the hunt for other sources of return. Betting on a pick-up in volatility appears to be an attractive way of potentially boosting returns with limited downside risk, writes James McAlevey.


Is globalization going into reverse?

Michael Grady - 09 SEP 2016

Recent political developments are threatening to send globalization into reverse. As such, they could have major ramifications over the long run for economic growth and investment markets, writes Michael Grady.