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European real estate looks attractive after Brexit but political risks remain

Monika Sujkowska - 25 AUG 2016

We forecast total returns on continental European real estate of 4.6 per cent per annum over the next five years amid weak supply and strong demand from yield-hungry investors, combined with recovering rents.


Rising corporate defaults do not pose systemic threat to China

- 19 AUG 2016

The number of defaults in China’s onshore bond market has risen sharply recently. However, this trend should not pose a systemic risk with the government expected to keep refinancing costs down, according to Joyce Bing.


UK equities: divergence and recovery

- 19 AUG 2016

The FTSE 100 index has outperformed the FTSE 250 since the EU referendum. In this Q&A, Trevor Green explores the reasons why – and assesses the longer-term prospects for UK equities.


UK real estate outlook: Risks and opportunities emerge after Brexit

- 17 AUG 2016

We expect the ‘Brexit’ vote to have a lasting impact on the UK real estate market. We have downgraded our forecasts for total returns on domestic property from 5.1 per cent per annum to 4.3 per cent over the next five years.


Growing pains: Tougher standards needed to keep the green bond market on track

- 10 AUG 2016

Demand for green bonds has soared in recent months – but it is becoming difficult to tell whether these bonds are truly delivering on promised environmental benefits. It’s time for more rigorous standards.


Brexit and the bond markets

Chris Higham - 05 AUG 2016

As the dust settles on the EU referendum, Chris Higham and James Vokins consider the short-term and more lasting implications of the UK's vote to leave on the bond markets.


Emerging market debt in the spotlight as hunt for yield intensifies.

Aaron Grehan - 02 AUG 2016

With core bond yields heading even lower, many investors are turning to both hard and local currency emerging market debt in their search for yields, says Aaron Grehan.